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Global Venture Broadcasting


With access to over 8,700 LPs and 32,000+ Investors, our platform is built for you to find the right investors at the time you need them the most, with cost effective, and most time efficient manner.

Our Traction


Built & prepared more than 500+ eye catching documents to grab the investor's attention


Access to over 8,700 LPs and 32,000+ investors worldwide, including family offices and private equity firms


We hold over 5,000 meetings per month, connecting investors to entrepreneurs and business owners


Over 900+ capital raise cases, connecting entrepreneurs and business owners access to capital for success

Deal Size

Over 3 Billion dollars in transaction history, it could be your turn next!

Our Services


Access the most relevant investors deeply targeted to your raise. Meet the world’s best angels, super angels, venture capitalists & private equity firms.


Work with our team of world class analysts to build your teasers, decks & financial models. Get expert opinion from investment banking analysts.


Connect with our network of buyers to exit investments at strong multiples


From getting all the docs in row to have a successful fundraise to all communication with the investors, we cover all aspects so you can achieve the best results

Creative Working

What Sets Us Apart?


Customized Solution

Our solution is tailor made to what you need


Key Decision Makers

You have a direct access to the key decision makers


Variety of Investor Types

Angels, Super Angels, Funds, HNIs, VCs, Family Offices, etc


Engagement Rate

We see a typical engagement rate of 5% with investors on our platform


Global Reach

Global access & deliver 5x number of interested investors


​​Quality Service

Our deep knowledge of the capital markets ensure you get the best quality service

Business Meeting

T i m e F r a m e

O n  a n  a v e r a g e ,  w e  w o r k  w i t h  y o u  s i d e  b y  s i d e  f o r  3 - 6  m o n t h s

C r e a t e D o c s

Typically takes 15 to 20 days to finalize all the documents for the investors.

O n - b o a r d i n g

We take 3 business days to onboard your project to our platform

B r o a d c a s t

We reach out to your tailor-made targeted investors, typically over the course of 3-4 months.

I n v e s t o r C o r r e s p o n d e n c e

Investors begin responding from the time the first email is sent out.

D u e D i l i g e n c e

Simultaneously we will be helping you and the investor conduct due diligence

Create Docs

Our experienced in-house team of Rainmaker analysts help you with document creation and preparation. These include Pitch Decks, Financial Projections, Financial Modeling, and any other investment-related document that you need.

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