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At Vergne Advisory, we are dedicated to turning dreams into reality for businesses across all industries. Our team is a force to be reckoned with, combining the expertise of seasoned business consultants, industry talent, and growth capital specialists. With access to a powerful network of 500,000 investors, we provide tailored funding solutions for startups, acquisitions, growth initiatives, and exits.

Our team comprises a dynamic fusion of resilient risk management expertise and proactive business consultancy, bolstered by seasoned industry professionals and specialists in securing Growth/Start-up Capital across all business phases—from inception to acquisitions, expansion, and eventual exit strategies. We are enthusiastic about crafting tailor-made solutions to address both your immediate requirements and long-term objectives, while also standing ready to tackle any forthcoming challenges head-on. No matter the obstacles, we're here to help you overcome them and realize your business aspirations.


Succeed with purchase and divestment of assets. We transfer or combine the ownership of companies, other business organizations, or their operating units to other entities—whether a single line of business or an entire company.

Business Meeting
  • Growth Capital
    We specialize in providing growth capital solutions tailored to a diverse range of industry segments, including entertainment, film, technology, medical, and more. Whether you're a growth startup, pre-revenue, or post-revenue company, we're here to support your funding needs and growth aspirations. As a trusted partner, we collaborate closely with a seasoned business development and capital advisory firm with an impressive track record spanning over 30 years. Our partnership brings firsthand experience in working alongside founders and principals, assisting them in sales, marketing, operational planning, and preparing for funding rounds. Together, we've guided numerous startups and growth stage companies, helping them expand, achieve significant milestones, and secure the funding needed for their journey. Our approach is built on a proven 3-step process designed to take businesses from their current stage to their desired destination: Preparation: Investor Decks: Crafting compelling investor decks to effectively communicate your business model, value proposition, and growth potential to potential investors. Financial Models: Developing robust financial models to forecast future performance, demonstrate profitability, and assess funding needs accurately. 2-page Teasers: Creating concise and impactful teasers to pique investor interest and provide a snapshot of your business opportunity. Marketing: Strategizing comprehensive marketing plans to enhance brand visibility, generate leads, and attract potential investors and customers. Capitalization: Leveraging our extensive network, we facilitate access to the necessary capital to fuel growth and expansion. Performance: We work hand in hand with businesses to ensure they achieve their growth objectives, realizing their vision and potential, including planning for successful exits when the time is right. This systematic approach has yielded success for over 1200 clients, including collaborations with industry giants like NASA, Samsung, and General Electric, as well as numerous small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, we invite you to reach out and learn more about how our partnership can support your growth journey.
  • Accredited Investor / Financial Solutions that leave a legacy
    Get Accredited by a Licensed CPA: Invest. Prosper. Give. Accredited Investor Test - $49 3 Steps to get accredited. ​ Click blue button “Start Accredited investor Test!” Fill out form and upload supporting documents Receive Accredited investor letter within 24 hours. I look forward to providing excellent service to you! Click Get Accredited. Get Accredited For issuers go to to learn how you can get all of your investors accredited and see them on one platform.
  • Global Venture Capital Broadcasting
    Our approach involves utilizing a drip campaign strategy until our fundraising goals are fully achieved. With access to a vast network of 500,000 investors, we leverage this extensive resource to ensure that our fundraising efforts reach the widest audience possible. By implementing a drip campaign, we maintain consistent and strategic communication with potential investors over time, gradually nurturing their interest and involvement in our venture. This method allows us to cultivate relationships with investors, provide them with regular updates and insights into our progress, and ultimately secure the funding needed to fuel our growth and expansion. With such a large pool of investors at our disposal, we have the resources and capabilities to execute this drip campaign effectively, maximizing our chances of success. Through targeted outreach, personalized communication, and ongoing engagement, we aim to build trust and confidence among investors, ultimately leading to successful fundraising outcomes. By harnessing the power of our extensive investor network and implementing a drip campaign strategy, we are confident in our ability to achieve our fundraising objectives and propel our venture towards success.


Your company can benefit from extra insight from true professionals.

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